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Preparing A Print Ready PDF Document: Bleeds

We can’t stress enough about bleeds, it is a common mistake that we see a little too often. A bleed is the area that extends beyond the cut-line. No printer can print right to the edge of the page, therefore when setting up a document where images extend to the cut edge we require a minimum bleed of 1/8″ (0.125), otherwise your printed document will show a white edge around or will need to be undercut.

Extend your bleeds properly and allow for them when preparing your PDF. What this mean is that you must pull your graphics or illustrations beyond the area where they will be cut and into your document pasteboard. Do not forget when providing your PDF make sure to set up cropping marks that allow for this bleed. We recommend to offset your registration marks by 1/8.

Each project is unique as the customers we serve. We have compile a list of the most common file preparation mistakes, watch out for our tips over the next few months for preparing “A Print Ready PDF document”, we got lots of tips that can help you on your next print order.

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