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City Press Expands Web-to-Print Solutions

Partner with City Press to implement an efficient and easy to use web-to-print solution for your organization’s unique printing needs.

Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions

City Press will customize an online fulfillment program to meet the demands of your printing needs. Our storefront design, product customization, ordering and approval process allows you to reduce printing errors and costs, speed-up turnaround time and maintain your compliance and branding.

Web-to-Print Workflow

Your employees, contractors, agents or franchisees can order customized printing through your approved templates from their own computers anytime, anywhere. Your secure online product catalogue are easily edited, proofed and ordered online.

You decide which users need ordering approval and which users can approve orders. When a user with limited permissions places an order, users with approval capabilities are automatically notified by email to complete the approval process.

You can manage current inventory levels and inventory history with our inventory control capabilities. You can view inventory details and view orders placed against the inventoried product.

Contact City Press today by calling (204) 988-1177 for a demonstration of how we can create a custom solution for your unique needs.

City Press enables our Web-to-Print customers to access:

  • Full Colour Print Materials
    Calendars, Custom Cards, Custom Mailers, Signs
  • Custom Stationery
    Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Cards, etc.
  • Promotional Items
    Shirts, Hats, Pens, Books, etc.
  • Marketing Materials
    Sales Collateral, Postcards, Marketing Campaigns, etc.
  • HR Documents
    Applications, Hire forms, Offer letters, Newsletters, Manuals, etc.
  • Trade Shows Materials
    Booth, Banners, Posters, Sales Collateral, Promo items, etc.
  • Product Estimators & Price Calculators
    Select products, job options, quantities for quotes

City Press offers benefits to their Web-to-Print customers that include:

  • Brand Management and Marketing
    Consistent marketing material: logo, paper, layout, etc.
  • Accounting
    Detailed reports of purchases
  • Archiving
    All documents can be archived online for easy retrieval
  • Access
    System is accessable 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Approved Fonts and Templates
    Access to marketing approved fonts, logos, images and templates
  • Efficiency
    Have all your items located digitally in one location