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CMYK Vs Spot (PMS)

We all were brought up with colour theory where primary colours is Red Green Blue (RGB) however for the printing industry the primary colours are Cyan(C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K).

When asking for an  estimate  or submitting a project we may ask if your project requires CMYK or PMS printing. Design agencies or designers can easily answer that question, however to the regular business owner who just want to print their promotional material or simply their business cards this can be very confusing.

Pantone Matching System also known as PMS, or Simply Pantone is like its name describes it a colour matching system used by a wide variety of industries to standarized the colours through your promotional material and marketing efforts. PMS uses a single ink to create the colour needed while CMYK uses a combination of four inks.

Digital printers can not use Pantone inks and if Pantone inks are a MUST then we will have to use an offset press which is the most economical way only if printing large quantities.

Keep in mind that if you decide to convert your Pantone inks to CMYK you need to account for some variation. The only way to mantain colour consistency is by using PMS.

Still in doubt? Check with our knowledgeable sales staff to see what options are most cost effective and recommended for your project!