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How to WHOA Your Audience

There’s no debate that we live in a digital world; maybe that’s why there’s still something so unique about receiving snail mail. Sure, mail doesn’t have all of the functionality and wealth of content that a website can provide, but it could provide a unique marketing approach that can stand through time.

When designing your direct mail piece you should consider:

Use your colour palette appropriately!
First impressions are everything! A harmonious and pleasing colour palette can cause a positive impression. If using self mailer use unique eye catching graphics that don’t interfere with the postal regulations. If using envelopes keep in mind most envelopes come in white, but your direct mail piece can be any color you desire. Making your mailer unique will give it a better chance to stand out among the rest!. You should pick your colours with a purpose. Don’t simply choose the most obnoxious color because it is available. Pick a color that makes sense, yet also stands out from the crowd!

Not Your Average Size
The wonderful thing about direct mail pieces are that they can come in all different shapes and sizes. Sure, you can send out a standard size postcard or mailer but there’s a time and place for beautifully executed and unique mail pieces. But if you’re going for a wow-factor, try a size that sticks out from the rest of the mail, or a cutout shape that makes senset to your campaign.

BONUS—if your direct mail piece can double as something with functionality, ie. calendar, magnet, coupon, it’ll have added staying power. Be unique and creative!

To The Point
In the fast-paced world we live in, people don’t take the time to read long blocks of text. That’s why your direct mail piece should use the least amount of words as possible to convey your information. You can always add a URL to get people from your direct mail piece to a page on your website that has more information.

Always include a next-step for your audience somewhere on the direct mail piece. Tell them exactly where to go to make the next-steps happen. Think of your direct mail as a vessel to get your audience to your desired next-step.

Things to Note
Direct mail does cost money to create, print and mail. As with every marketing effort, you should make sure that the return on investment is worth it. Simply put, if you think the direct mail piece will get you more business or provide more worth than it costs to create, keep moving full-steam ahead.

READY TO CREATE SOME STUNNING MAILERS? Check with our knowledgeable sales staff to see what options are most cost effective and recommended for your project!