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Open your door to new customers with door hangers

An effective and quick way to spread the word around town. They are typically used for guerilla marketing campaigns to target specific neighbourhoods or areas of towns. Door hangers are hard to ignore as they hang from doors and provide a highly visible marketing campaign.

The most common order options are 4.25″ x 11″. Door Hangers are usually printed in full color on both sides and can be coated to protect it from moisture.

They are commonly used for political campaigns, Realtors, local business, neighbouhood restaurants, business promotions and products. Door Hangers often include discounts, coupons, or special offers. We would strongly suggest to add a QR code to your design to link directly to additional online information, this will allow to update your marketing campaign and promotions without redesign or reprint your door hanger. QR codes provide a quick link to your webpage, therefore potentially providing your audience with a vast amount of information regarding your business.


Add Coupons

Add a coupon to the bottom of your door hanger design. Coupons are great to provide new or existing customers a reason to stop by, and can provide you with a tangible way to measure how well your door hangers are performing. Consider adding perforations around coupons, which will allow the customers an easy way to clip them and use them.

Choose A Firm Stock

Thin stock without body can easily rip off by wind or the elements making your investment ineffective. Choose a cardstock that will stand to the elements and provide a better return to your investment.

Choose To Coat Your Door Hanger

Gloss coating will help protect the door hanger from the elements most specially rain. It will also add a luxurious finish to your advertising piece.

Double-Sided Door Hangers Should Be A Must

You can choose to print your door hanger one one side only, however consider providing your offer on one side and your business information on the other, such as a map, website and general contact information. Double sided door hangers ensures that no matter how the door hanger is delivered your message will be seen.

Bulk Printing

Just like your business cards the more you use them the more your business gets promoted. The more you invest the better return for your business on the long run. The more you order the better price per unit.

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